120.00 USD
Below are the perks and items you will receive.

[Legend] Suffix
25 EXP Levels
$25,000 in-game money
3x Rare Keys
1x Mythical Key
Ability to /fly!

Included Perks:
Ability to set a new in-game name using /nick.
Ability to mine mob spawners using a silk touch pickaxe.
Ability to receive drops by exploding spawners.
Ability to set a max of 9 homes /sethome.
Ability to request for players to teleport to you /tpahere
Ability to see where the players near you are /near
Ability to feed yourself instantaneously via command /feed
Ability to put on any block as a stylish hat /hat
Ability to fill a dispenser with tnt. /f tntfill
Ability to use sellwand without ranking up to Expert.  
Ability to set the world time to night or day /ptime
Ability to have a virtual compass accessible via command /compass
Ability to have a virtual crafting table accessible via command /workbench
Ability to clear your inventory via command /ci
Ability to get your coordinates and position on the world via command /getpos
Ability to show case a item in your hand in public chat. [i]
Ability to soar through the wind using /fly
Access to more playervaults total /pv's: 4
Ability to join full server

Kit:  /Kit Legend

x1 Set of Diamond Armor Protection III Unbreaking III
x1 Diamond Sword Sharpness IV FireAspect II Looting II Unbreaking II
x1 Bow Power IV Flame II Infinity I Punch I
x1 Arrow
x1 Diamond Axe Efficiency IV Sharpness IV Unbreaking III FireAspect II Looting II
x1 Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency IV Fortune III Unbreaking II
x1 Diamond Shovel Efficiency IV Fortune III Unbreaking II
x3 Strength II
x3 Speed II
x16 Steak
x3 Super Golden Apple


Kit:  /Kit Diamond

x1 Set of Diamond Armor
x1 Diamond Sword
x1 Diamond Axe
x1 Diamond Shovel
x1 Diamond Pickaxe

Kit:  /Kit Potions

x3 Potion Strength II
x3 Potion Swiftness II
x1 Potion Fire Resistance
x6 Potion Instant Health II
x1 Potion Poison II

 Kit:  /Kit Once

x3 Bedrock
x5 Super Golden Apple
x10 Golden Apples
x128 Obsidian
x3 Diamond Block
x3 Iron Block
x3 Gold Block

Kit:  /Kit SupporterWeekly

x3 Diamond Block
x3 Iron Block
x3 Emerald Block
x1 Bedrock
x2 Creeper Eggs
x2 Super Golden Apples

Kit:  /Kit Eggs

x2 Witch Egg
x2 Enderman Egg
x2 Mooshroom Egg
x2 Creeper Egg
x2 Sheep Egg

Kit:  /Kit Silktouch

x1 Silktouch I

Kit:  /Kit Grinder

x1 Diamond Sword Smite III, Looting III, Fire Aspect II
x2 Water Bucket
x2 Lava Bucket
x16 Sign
x64 Obsidian


Kit:  /Kit Golden

x5 Golden Ingot
x6 Golden Apple
x16 Wheats
x1 Super Golden Apple


Kit:  /Kit Raid

x64 TnT
x32 Cobweb/
x1 Water Bucket
x64 Obsidian
x64 Redstone
x24 Redstone Repeaters
x8 Redstone Comparators
x8 Stone Slab
x6 Stone Button
x32 Sand
x4 Pistons
x16 Redstone Torch's