200.00 USD
Below are the perks and items you will receive.

[Overlord] Suffix
30 EXP Levels
$30,000 in-game money
5x Rare Keys
2x Mythical Key
Ability to /fly and /fix for free!

Included Perks:
Ability to set a new in-game name using /nick.
Ability to mine mob spawners using a silk touch pickaxe.
Ability to receive drops by exploding spawners.
Ability to set a max of 10 homes /sethome.
Ability to request for players to teleport to you /tpahere
Ability to see where the players near you are /near
Ability to feed yourself instantaneously via command /feed
Ability to put on any block as a stylish hat /hat
Ability to fill a dispenser with tnt. /f tntfill
Ability to use sellwand without ranking up to Expert.  
Ability to set the world time to night or day /ptime
Ability to have a virtual compass accessible via command /compass
Ability to have a virtual crafting table accessible via command /workbench
Ability to clear your inventory via command /ci
Ability to get your coordinates and position on the world via command /getpos
Ability to show case a item in your hand in public chat. [i]
Access to more playervaults total /pv's: 5
Ability have unlimited nightvision using /nv
Ability to soar through the wind using /fly
Ability to repair any item at no cost! /fix
Ability to join full server

Kit:  /Kit Overlord

x1 Set of Diamond Armor Protection IV Unbreaking III
x1 Diamond Sword Sharpness V FireAspect III Looting III Unbreaking III
x1 Bow Power V Flame III Infinity I Punch II Unbreaking III
x1 Arrow
x1 Diamond Axe Efficiency V Sharpness V Unbreaking III FireAspect II Looting III
x1 Diamond Pickaxe Efficiency V Fortune III Unbreaking III
x1 Diamond Shovel Efficiency V Fortune III Unbreaking III
x3 Strength II
x3 Speed II
x16 Steak
x5 Super Golden Apple


Kit:  /Kit Diamond

x1 Set of Diamond Armor
x1 Diamond Sword
x1 Diamond Axe
x1 Diamond Shovel
x1 Diamond Pickaxe

Kit:  /Kit Potions

x3 Potion Strength II
x3 Potion Swiftness II
x1 Potion Fire Resistance
x6 Potion Instant Health II
x1 Potion Poison II

 Kit:  /Kit Once

x3 Bedrock
x5 Super Golden Apple
x10 Golden Apples
x128 Obsidian
x3 Diamond Block
x3 Iron Block
x3 Gold Block

Kit:  /Kit SupporterWeekly

x3 Diamond Block
x3 Iron Block
x3 Emerald Block
x1 Bedrock
x2 Creeper Eggs
x2 Super Golden Apples

Kit:  /Kit Eggs

x2 Witch Egg
x2 Enderman Egg
x2 Mooshroom Egg
x2 Creeper Egg
x2 Sheep Egg

Kit:  /Kit Silktouch

x1 Silktouch I

Kit:  /Kit Grinder

x1 Diamond Sword Smite III, Looting III, Fire Aspect II
x2 Water Bucket
x2 Lava Bucket
x16 Sign
x64 Obsidian


Kit:  /Kit Golden

x5 Golden Ingot
x6 Golden Apple
x16 Wheats
x1 Super Golden Apple


Kit:  /Kit Raid

x64 TnT
x32 Cobweb/
x1 Water Bucket
x64 Obsidian
x64 Redstone
x24 Redstone Repeaters
x8 Redstone Comparators
x8 Stone Slab
x6 Stone Button
x32 Sand
x4 Pistons
x16 Redstone Torch's